Thursday, October 30, 2008

Did you know that Illinois has wind farms?

Last weekend I was down near Paxton, Illinois (about 2 hours south of Chicago on I-57) and I heard there was a wind farm down the road. So, being the sustainability geek that I am, I set out to see it. My friend and I drove west on Route 9, to past Gibson City past the grain silos, along the railroad tracks to an area of corn and soybean fields set on rolling hills and there they were! It was surreal.
From where we stood, we counted at least 60, but we were just at the easternmost end of Twin Groves Wind Farm that has 240 wind turbines. We drove right up to one.

It makes a whooshing sound - kind of link the hum of the ceiling fan turning in my living room right now. Check out the video below; It is the sound and vision of a clean energy future.


Amirz said...


Thanks very much for the blog. :)

My company, Acciona, is currently building another wind farm in Lena, Illinois. 82 turbines equalling 123MW.

It's nice, isn't it?

Office of Sustainability said...

It's fantastic.