Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Green coffee?

Tired of those styrofoam coffee cups from the cafeteria? Go green by buying a sustainable coffee mug at the bookstore or one of the participating cafeterias or food places! Find more information about this initiative below.

Read more about it on our website.


Carter said...

A good plan, I'd love to see UIC go a step further and make sure the coffee itself is green, by carrying only fair trade and organic (and preferably shade grown) certified coffees.

The Field Museum's Corner Bakery shifted to all fair trade (one blend is rainforest alliance certified) after our green team showed the film Black Gold:

We did a massive petition drive, getting almost a third of staff, including our president and the VPs, to sign, and we now have the *only* Corner Bakery in America selling only fair trade coffee.

Alas, McDonald's is proving to be a much tougher nut to crack, but making changes at the corporate level is what needs to happen if we're going to really change American consumers from being a large part of the problem into a driving force for positive change.

uicycle said...


Those are some good suggestions! This is something that our Office should work towards, but such a campaign also seems perfect for a student organization to drive. For example, the Residence Hall Association has a "green board", and the campus-wide student organization EcoCampus would my suggestions for addressing such issues.

I'm sure that this kind of campaign would be easy to find support for!

Carter said...

afraid I'm just a squatter here (I'm full-time at the Field) or I'd love to help, but definitely go for it!