Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Green Laboratories: Resource Conservation in Research Settings (Webcast)

Did you know typical laboratories consume 5-7 times more energy than office and classroom buildings? And fume hoods alone can use as much as 3 times the energy of one house in a given year? UIC recently participated in a Green Labs webcast to explore this topic further. With 30 participants joining from both sides of campus, this timely program addressed what people working in labs can do to reduce their energy and material resources use. There are a number of things, including purchasing Energy Star rated refrigerators and freezers, turning off lights, closing fume hoods when not actively using them, participating in a chemical redistribution program and finding users for unwanted equipment, that can really make a difference. To take it a step further, they suggested a lab R.A.T.S. (Laboratory Research and Technical Staff) program could be started at UIC to specifically address lab efficiencies. Check out the powerpoint and let us know if you're interested in greening our labs!

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