Friday, December 12, 2008

Try Using Ecofont to Save Ink

If you're trying to save money on your printing expenses, you may want to check out Ecofont. It's a font with tiny circles inside each letter to reduce the amount of ink used in printing. According to their website, it can save up to 20% of your ink. The image is just a quick comparison between Helvetica (UIC's official font) on the left and Ecofont on the right. Ecofont seems a little faded, but it's still readable. We don't suggest you make a print out just to test the font, but if you need to print something and use Ecofont let us know in the comments!

Ecofont [via Lifehacker via QuickOnlineTips]


momoko said...

is that same with Tattoo Ink? hehe

Super Warehouse said...

The ecofont is great for saving on ink and toner. Thanks for posting this. More tips on saving ink and toner include shaking the actual ink cartridge, ignoring the "out of ink" light on the printer for a little while to get more prints out of it, and to avoid buying printers that combine the drum unit and cartridges so you don't have to replace them both when one is out.


I know it sounds a little funny, but if you want to save money, avoid the manufacturers "economy" cartridges. The manufacturers often try to sell you lower priced ink or toner cartridges that may contain as little as 25% of the ink or toner of their regular model. A good example is the HP #21 and the HP #56. Several of the HP model printers will use either one, but the HP #21 only has 5ml of ink vs. the HP #56 which has 19ml for only a few dollars more.