Wednesday, January 7, 2009

UH Lighting Project Demonstrates Energy Savings

Facilities Management recently completed the installation of 8,286 high efficiency fluorescent light fixtures in University Hall (UH). This involved replacing magnetic ballasts with electronic ballasts and T-12 40 watt lamps with T-8 25 watt lamps. Resulting in an estimated savings of 1,564,000 kWh/year. At a rate of 11 cents per kWh that is over $172,000 saved per year or enough electricity to power 159 homes per year.

This project was financed by UIC with assistance from the Illinois Clean Energy Foundation at a total cost of $615,000. The grants came to $207,000 over a two year period. Com-Ed is providing a rebate of $20,000. The payback for the total cost of the project is 3.57 years. Taking into account the grants, the payback period for UIC is 2.26 years.

This clearly demonstrates both the environmental benefit and the economic benefit of lighting projects. Have you switched to more efficient lighting at home yet?

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