Monday, February 16, 2009

New way to Recycle Batteries at UIC!

If you ever felt it was cumbersome to recycle used batteries at UIC, you will be happy to get a new option! Please read the instructions below carefully:
  1. Put a maximum of four batteries* (AA, AAA, or rectangular 9V) in a sealed envelope.

  2. Mark the envelope:

    UIC Bookstore
    118 SCE
    (m/c 120)

  3. Drop the envelope in a campus mailbox!
* Please note that this option is valid ONLY for alkaline batteries, size AA, AAA, and rectangular 9V.

What about larger, alkaline batteries?
Larger alkaline batteries such as size C and D may also be recycled by bringing them into the bookstores.

What about rechargeable batteries?
Rechargeable batteries may be recycled by bringing them into any of the two campus bookstores. Simply put, it is not as safe to mail rechargeable batteries. For lead acid batteries weighing more than 2 lbs, please contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office to schedule a pickup.

This battery recycling program was made possible by the dedication and generous contribution from the following entities:

UIC Environmental Health and Safety Office
UIC University Mail Service
UIC Bookstores
UIC Office of Sustainability
City of Chicago Battery Recycling Program

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