Monday, March 30, 2009

RecycleMania 2009 is Over!

Last Saturday, the 2009 edition of RecycleMania came to an end. For the past ten weeks, 512 schools have worked hard to boost their recycling numbers and rates to record levels in order to claim the victory in a handful categories such as the "Per Capita Classic," "Waste Minimization," or "Gorilla Prize."

UIC participated in the benchmark category, and while we have not reported any results on the website, we will use the experience gained this year to come back with full force for next year's competition! We are currently working to summarize all our numbers, and hope to present the results in a few weeks. We will also be sure to provide comparisons to similiar universities, to better gauge our performance, but we have continuously throughout the competition received feedback from our vendors reporting increased recycling volumes. We are very happy and proud of you!

The competition is over, but the recycling efforts continue! We will not scale back on anything, all recycling stations will remain, including the temporary bins setup in SEO, SPHPI, and DHSP.

Keep on recycling!

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