Friday, April 24, 2009

UIC Wins Chill Out Competition!

Good news everyone!

Earlier this month the National Wildlife Foundation was promoting their webcast for Chillout: Campus Solutions to Global Warming.  To promote the webcast, NWF was asking everyone to register for the webcast:
The campus that registers the most people by April 5 will win a FREE CONCERT!  That is HUGE and fun and awesome!   The Steps are an up-and-coming band from Austin, Texas, that just had a huge premier at South by Southwest music festival.  Right now the leading campus has just a handful of people registered.  If you are interested in having The Steps play at your campus, get your student group, friends, coworkers, colleagues, roommates, department or anyone else from campus to register for the webcast today.  The winning campus will be announced during the webcast!
If you haven't viewed the webcast already, check it out, and if you're really itching to hear the news, jump to about 31:53 in the video to hear the who won.

Actually, if you read the title of this posting you should know who won - we did!  Thanks to everyone who signed up to view the webcast - let us know if you helped us win in the comments so you can get the credit you deserve!  We'll be working with NWF and the Steps to organize their visit for Fall 2009.

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LP Site said...

Nice job... go UIC! I remember when I was a freshman being impressed with the gas powered vehicle we had rolling around campus. I hope UIC continues being a pioneer in environmental sustainability.

Raza Imam