Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How Green Are You?

Do you want to figure out what impact you have on the environment? The Office of Sustainability has compiled a short list of "footprint calculators", which are all very easy to use.

Not satisfied? Do you want a more individualized measure of impact? If you're a Mac user, try Ecobot, "a free, open-source Adobe AIR app that calculates your carbon footprint by measuring the fuel, power, and paper you use."

I've been using Ecobot for a little while now, and it works quite well. Not only does Ecobot keep track of how many pages you print from your laptop, but it also tracks the wireless networks to which you connect and works with you to figure out how you got from one to the other, and calculates the carbon emissions required to make the journey.

From The Open Road at CNET News.

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