Friday, July 10, 2009

Peregrine Sighting!

Have you walked under the shadow of the University Hall building lately? If so, look up! Rosie, UIC's resident Peregrine falcon is busy with her mate taking care of their chicks. Just this morning I was greeted at the Harrison and Morgan Streets bus stop with a number of repeated shrieks (hear a peregrine at . As I looked up toward the top of UH I saw a Peregrine soaring around the building's exterior. After focusing my eyes on the upper floors of the building, I saw Rosie take a sharp dive, maybe toward some unsuspecting prey? Peregrines are known for their abilility to knock prey birds out of the air while diving at speeds up to 220 mph. It was quite a treat from the bus stop bird blind.

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rilo brown said...

You can read more about the peregrines, and their long history at UIC, at UIC News online,

Just do a keyword search for "peregrine" and you'll find articles dating back to 1996.

Sonya Booth
editor, UIC News