Friday, August 14, 2009

Get Ready for the Steps and Sustainability Week!

On Monday, September 14, The Steps will be playing a lunchtime set on campus as part of the first day of UIC's 2009 Sustainability Week.  The show will be at the Student Residence & Commons Autocourt, near the intersection of Halsted and Harrison Streets.

In a recent interview with Z, one of the Steps, I got the story behind the band for the OS.

Will and Sam, cousins, started experimenting with songwriting and rhythms in their garage when they were just 14. Then about four years ago, Z and Stephen added their unique musical talents to the mix. Since then The Steps have toured London, Japan, and just got done with a U.S. east and west coast tour. The Steps write all their own music, with Will and Z getting the initial ideas down and collaborating with Sam and Stephen to shape the final product.

The Steps are playing at UIC because we won the Chill Out Competition – meaning UIC got the most people to pledge to green their daily routine. In our interview, I asked Z what about The Steps daily routine is green. He said some simple things they do are carry their own water bottles so they don’t have to buy and throw away plastic bottles, reduce energy waste by turning lights off,  and reduce water consumption by turning the water off when they brush their teeth. Z said hopefully the band will have a green tour bus soon. For more tips on how to green your routine visit the UIC Office of Sustainability’s Resources page.

To hear the Steps, visit their MySpace Page.

More on the band:

Born under the influence of classic rock in the Live Music Capital of the World - Austin, TX - The Steps chisel through modern rock with 60's sensibilities. With searing guitar leads from Sam Thompson backed by the infectious rhythms from drummer Z Lynch and bassist Stephen Ross, The Steps capture all the hooks of early Brit-rock. Front man Will Thompson completes the package with the snarl and swagger of a young Mick Jagger. Darlings of the Austin independent rock scene, The Steps inked their first deal while still in their tender teens. The band's debut, produced by Frenchie Smith (Jet, Dandy Warhols), garnered immediate international attention. The Steps continue to floor audiences with their incendiary live shows at home and abroad, supporting such acts as Bob Dylan, The Black Keys, The Raconteurs, Los Lonely Boys, and What Made Milwaukee Famous.

Support your local independent record store by picking up your copy of The Steps' first national EP, Take It All In.

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