Friday, September 4, 2009

Get ready for Sustainability Week!

Get ready for Sustainability Week!
Monday Sept 14
Bike, Pedal, Walk Day

Athens will be playing a lunchtime set on campus as part of the first day (Bike, Pedal, Walk) of UIC's 2009 Sustainability Week. The show will be at the Student Residence & Commons Autocourt, near the intersection of Halsted and Harrison Streets.
Athens music has been described “like reading Dr. Seuss while getting hit over the head with a guitar.” In a recent interview, Athen’s members Nick and Andrew divulged band secretes including plans to take over the world. The plot began in ’06, when band members first started their conspiracy, and continues to evolve as two new accomplices, Adam and Jed, were recruited. We’ve started to see signs of the conspiracy spreading as they’ve toured Chicago, then around the Midwest and recently got back from an east coast tour which included New York, Philly, & Baltimore.

They all have alias by day – e.g. teachers, construction management, etc. - but continue to write and play music by night. Their hideout is a converted church-turned-home-studio - they record in the old sanctuary due the fabulous acoustics. They write all their own music – collaborating as a group on the music, with Andrew taking the lead on the lyrics. They also use local artist and mixers for their albums.

In addition to subversive ideas like democratic governance and collaboration, the band and its members are very committed to sustainability. Examples of their sustainable practices include communal living, recycling, turning off lights, water conservation, urban agriculture, biking, and living close to friends.

Athens is releasing a new CD – which is a complete departure from the last CD. The new album, a full length project, has a more serious tone, and discusses issues like mans place in the world and our effect on the environment – expect fear, weeping and gnashing of teeth when the record is released Spring ‘10.

To hear Athens visit their MySpace page:

More about the band:

“Holed up in their converted church-turned-home-studio in Chicago, ATHENS has created something truly unique. Tapping into their beloved childhood memories and embracing the darkness within themselves and their environment, the new CD, "What Would We Wear Were We Werewolves?" is a trip into the imagination that is often creepy, sometimes comical, yet always rock and roll. Jumping seamlessly from dance rock to dirty guitar blues to playful orchestral arrangements, the music displays a wide-ranging instrumentation and rhythm that is likely to bring about world peace. In the live setting, audiences have been electrified and thoroughly entertained by both the songs themselves and the intensity of the performance.”

Adam Galek: drums
Andrew Yearick: vox, guitar
Jedediah Olaus: guitar, glockenspiel, vox
Nick Chupein: bass, synthesizer, vox

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