Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sustainability Week - Eat Local Day

There are several events Tuesday September 15 that celebrate UIC's commitment local, sustainable food.

First, on the east campus, the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum is hosting re-Thinking Soup from 12-1pm at 800 South Halsted. Re-Thinking Soup is a "public and communal event where people gather to eat delicious, healthy soup and have fresh, organic conversation about many urgent social, cultural, economic and environmental food issues" of the day.

Second, on the west campus, the Office of Sustainability, along with Sodexo (UIC's cafeteria and catering provider), is organizing a FREE food tasting event from 1-2pm in the front lawn (or lobby if it is raining) at Student Center West. This event highlights local, sustainable food offered by Sodexo, Joe & Ross, and the Hull-House Urban Farm. Tasty treats, provided by Sodexo and Joe & Ross, will include: vegan soft tacos, black bean and cheese quesadillias, vegan chow mein, vegetarian chili, and italian ice. Ryan Beck, Resident Farmer for the Hull-House Urban Farm will be there to discuss his exiting projects (perfect time to sign-up to volunteer on the farm ya'll!). In addition, Sodexo has invited one of their local food producers to showcase how it is possible for universities to purchase local food for their students, faculty and staff.

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Andrew said...

Sustainability is key and until more people realize that eating meat is destroying the environment we're headed down the wrong path. It's actually better for the environment to eat a salad in a Hummer than a big mac in a Prius. I'm a big supporter of Vegetarian Dog Food too.