Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Make This Holiday Season Green

Why stop at being environmentally conscious just because it’s the holiday season. The holiday season is notorious for being the opposite of environmentally friendly: the wrapping paper, lights, gift packaging, Christmas trees, traveling, etc. So what can you do this holiday season to make it feel like a jolly time of year, and have a lighter impact on the environment? Here are a few tips: 

  1. Wrapping paper: There is a very simple solution: use old magazines, newspapers, brown grocery bags, gift bags, or if you are going to purchase wrapping paper look for some made of recycled paper. By using old magazines and newspapers it also makes the wrapping of every present unique and makes you remember and relive the news of the past year!
  2. Gifts: Buy local presents this holiday season. By shopping local you are not only helping the environment by cutting down on transportation of the goods but you are also supporting your local businesses. When shopping don’t forget to use your reusable bags!
  3. Lights: What is the holiday season without the lights, so when purchasing the lights this holiday season try and find LED lights. They are 80-90 percent more efficient and last much longer.
  4. Christmas trees: The very focal point of many homes during the holiday season can be purchased with the root ball and later can be replanted in your own back yard.
  5. Don’t forget to recycle when the holiday season is over!

Here are a few links to a few other sites that offer even more suggestions to go green this holiday season. 

Have any more going green holiday tips or ideas please share in the comments below!

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