Friday, December 18, 2009

New Energy Usage Monitor

We just received our "Kill A Watt" energy usage monitor in the mail. It can be plugged into any normal electrical socket and measures electric consumption in volts, amps, watts, Hz, and kWh. We thought this would be a useful tool for our office to learn how much energy our typical devices use during the day.

So, what should we measure first? Let is know in the comments.


jart said...

Monitor the computer monitors when a switch says they're off. See how much they consume in standby mode.

Elvin said...

Also having computers sleep vs. hibernating/off.

Lindy said...

copiers...also checking on consumption between sleep and off or energy saver mode.

Coffee pots that remain plugged in

Electric Staplers (we unplug ours b/w use)

speaker phones usually have AC outlets in addition to phone plug