Friday, January 8, 2010

Chicago Home to Largest Urban Solar Plant

Exelon, parent company of Commonwealth Edison, recently began producing power at the nation's largest urban solar plant- 10 megawatts of capacity from over 35,000 panels. The plant is located in a formerly abandoned industrial site in West Pullman. [Chicago Tribune]


Barry Dean said...

I would love to see more of this, not only is this massive solar panel plant urban, it has utilized an abandoned location as well. From the photo, it is also an attractive Solar Power facility. Personally working in the industry with SolarWorks211.Com I have a greater appreciation for this. There still remains a great deal of resistance and doubt within the field of renewable energy. Yes, there's a lot of "shouting" going on, yet little action. A high level facility like this can go a long ways to promoting a very worthy mission. Chicago truly has something to be proud of here.

Barry Dean

Ryan Adams said...

Renewable energy is great, but I still think that we need a nationwide energy efficiency policy in new and existing homes and buildings first. The cleanest energy available is the one we don't have to produce at all.

I think Chicago is a great place to start the largest solar plant. Hopefully, the city can get on board with some energy efficiency updates while they work on taking solar mainstream.

Ryan Adams

La Lytle said...

Congrats to Chicago. This solar project is very exciting project.

It is estimated that this construction will create 200 jobs - with many of them being local.

And even more exciting is that this facility will serve as an educational resource with field trips, hands-on training programs and apprenticeships.

It would be awesome to attend some of the hands-on training programs here, and even get an apprenticeship.

Thanks for sharing.

Mark said...

The greatest obstacle to solar is cost and feasibility. Its going to be difficult to take solar mainstream for heating, cooling, and home electrical needs until some creative financing plans are more mainstream.

Also, its difficult to install the systems in most places. I think solar is great for commercial properties that have large roof surface area with direct sunlight.

Excited to see what this plant can produce in Chicago.

Bill Guandolo said...

I love seeing this. excellent use of solar. The more large projects like this the more efficient production will be and the lower the cost. The corporate community can make this a faster reality if they invest in the technology so that eventually solar panelswill be affordable for everyone. Nice stuff!