Friday, April 30, 2010

CTA's New Trains Hit The Tracks

Recently, the CTA rolled-out ten new rail cars on the Red Line that are being tested by both CTA personnel and the general public. The new 5000 series, manufactured by Bombardier, has several new and advanced features. These include: aisle-facing seats, an active suspension system that can automatically align to station platforms, seven cameras per car for added security, and new LED displays inside the cars that give information such as time, location, and estimated arrival times. Check out some photos of the new cars here.

Particularly striking is the new regenerative breaking system. Seen in some Hybrid automobiles, the system actually recoups much of the heat energy wasted on breaking. The converted energy can be used to power on-board systems or even other trains by transferring the electricity back to the third rail. Through this, the trains are able to save on energy costs while reducing their carbon footprint!

Want to check out the trains yourself? The 5000 series will be here for the next three weeks and its schedule is available here.  Have you taken a ride on the new trains?  Let us know us know in the comments!

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Brian said...

I believe these train cars are similar to the ones that are running in S. Korea and Japan, and if so, they promise to be an extremely vast improvement over our existing CTA cars. I'm looking forward to finding out if this is true.