Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rare Air on City Hall's Green Roof

As a Chicago Conservation Corps (C3) leader/volunteer, I was invited to tour City Hall's famed Green Roof courtesy of the Department of Environment. This was a rare opportunity to amble through the rolling green landscape which includes over 100 varieties of native species of grasses, flowers, shrubs and even trees. There we were, under a cloudless blue summer sky, surrounded by the dramatic Chicago skyline, standing in a fragrant prairie buzzing with insects and blazing with color. I thought how wonderful it would be if everyone had a chance to enjoy this kind of idyllic verdant place to recharge and reconnect with other living things.

View more pictures of the trip here.


Kathyy's Krafts said...

So how do we get something like that at UIC? UIC is currently doing some work on the roof of SSB and it would be great if it could be turned in to a green oasis. How would one even begin the process of making such a dream a reality?

Office of Sustainability said...

Short answer? $$

There are actually a number of spots on campus with green roofs! This week's UIC news has an article about it. The one on Chicago's City Hall is an intensive green roof (which basically means it requires intensive amounts of labor, maintenance, etc.) and is more advanced than most of the GRs at UIC. We have mostly extensive green roofs, which require little maintenance, is less expensive to install, and gets many of the same benefits (storm water management, insulation, pretty, etc).

Some day, it would be wonderful to have more rooftops on campus like the one at City Hall!

Ewa said...

What can I say? wonderful example of bringing nature to the city, buzzing meadow on the top of the roof.
Do you mind if I use some of you photos in my upcoming post? I would be really delighted.

Office of Sustainability said...


Go ahead and use the pictures, but please cite where you got it.


SuperGreenMan said...

When I close my eyes and after looking at the picture, I can see and feel what you mean...But being there must be 100 times better! :)

Kate said...

@SuperGreenMan: You are correct- it was truly transcendent. Thanks for the comment.