Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Walking the talk?

As Associate Chancellor for Sustainability, I often get asked do I "walk the talk" or what do I do to make my lifestyle more sustainable. Here is a glimpse into a summer morning in my house...

I arise to the sound of birds and light coming through an open window in my room. The house has cooled off over night but it's best to leave the windows upon until I leave to cool a little more. We have yet to turn on the AC this season. Downstairs my husband has opened the front and back doors to let more cool air in.

I take the compost out to the bin and then go out in the garden and note that the tomato plants are starting to wilt, as they are in pots. I water them and the ripening squash plants in my front yard vegetable garden. The back yard is too shady for veggies. I wish we had the rain barrels set up so I could use that water in the garden.

I note a bowl of uneaten raspberries in the fridge. Since we are in the peak of our raspberry harvest in the backyard, I throw them in the freezer so we can enjoy them later.

Now, I close all the windows in the house, pull the shades down where the sun comes in. I hope this will keep the house cool enough even though it is going up to 90 degrees today. The ceiling fans help a lot, too.

I grab my back pack, walk over the apples the squirrels have knocked off the tree on the way to the garage, hop on my bike and ride to my El station. I love summer in Chicago!


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