Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NWF Chill Out Competition

Are you taking climate action on campus? Are you a hard-core grassroots organizer? Chair of the Sustainability Committee? Have you spurred an initiative on your campus that reduces its carbon footprint?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, Chill Out is the competition for you! National Wildlife Federation is looking for campus projects that reduce global warming pollution, including projects in green jobs, students in action, innovative design, campus actions, green sporting events and projects taking place at high schools.

1. Create a 2 minute video about your project
2. Fill out the entry form with info about your project
3. Upload your video to http://www.gogreentube.com/groups/NWFChillOut2010-2011

Entries are due by December 19.
* Grant money
* National publicity

* Your campus video featured in nationwide webcast

Students, faculty and staff are eligible to compete!

For contest rules and entry form, go to

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