Monday, October 18, 2010

The College Sustainability Report Card

The College Sustainability Report Card provides in-depth profiles of 300 campuses around the US and Canada who have the largest endowments. Being that these prestigious colleges have the funds and resources to become leaders in sustainability efforts across the nation, the Report Card looks for a positive trend in the amount of effort they are putting into these programs- which they have found over the past three years. The colleges acquire an overall grade based off the average of grades on:

  • Administration
  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Food & Recycling
  • Green Building
  • Student Involvement
  • Transportation
  • Endowment Transparency
  • Investment Priorities
  • Shareholder Engagement
The Website provides ideas for students, faculty, and alumni. So, although UIC is not one of the highest endowed campuses, we do have a sustainability office, full-time sustainability employees, a climate action plan, LEED buildings, a recycling program, a small, but powerful urban garden, and student organizations like the other campuses.

Searching through the surveys on this website is a great way to discover initiative we can push on UIC! Like starting a plan for a green roof, more sustainable dining, different types of recycling, and more efficient resident halls.

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