Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A look at UIC's greenroofs

Although LEED certified Grant and Lincoln Hall are much more comforting to be in than our beloved Behavioral Sciences Building (BSB) or the Education, Performing Arts, and Social Work Building (EPASW). Walking out onto these buildings brings an unexpected warmth to viewers. That is one of the many benefits of green roof is designed to provide! BSB and EPASW are helping to boost Chicago's green roof leader status.

Above: BSB Below: EPASW

What do these green roofs actually do?
They clean and retain rainwater, reduce our "Urban Heat Island Effect," add beauty to our urban landscapes, help reduce air temperature, improve air quality, lower heating and cooling bills, and even extend the life of the roof membrane!

So, next time you find yourself or someone else groaning about being trapped in BSB all day for class, take a step outside and appreciate our green roofs!

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