Monday, November 1, 2010

Sustainability Discussions

I, along with many others I have come to know over the past year, have a vast range of ideas of how UIC could create more sustainable initiatives. These ideas encompass the broad issues we face today and the individualistic approaches we develop.

The Office of Sustainability serves as a basis for many great resources to educate the community. We know that by creating the opportunity for people all over campus to come together to discuss these ideas and generate initiatives, we can better fulfill our commitment to serve as a resource to UIC. From my own personal experience, I have many thoughts about initiatives UIC could implement but no knowledge on how to approach them. I have come to find, through talking with others, that some of my thoughts are too far-fetched, already in progress, or need initial steps to really be successful.

So I have realized that through these small conversations I am beginning to understand exactly where my thoughts stand and how I can spread my ideas. Most of the time it is when I am sitting down to create a blog post that I come up with initiatives or programs UIC could start or restructure. From residence halls to Sodexo, the ideas are endless- we hope discussing them in a diverse group brings out real solutions and people willing to make them a reality.

By hosting discussions, we hope to utilize the diversity of our campus community and start to see a wide spread acknowledgment of UIC's Climate Action Plan. We hope to create relationships between groups that seem unrelated and be the base of their successful initiatives.

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