Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tips to Avoid Bike Theft

Officer Zyad Hasan appeared in a recent article about the importance of bicycle registration. This effort will help the number of bicycle robberies on campus, and even around Chicago. UIC has already had 73 reported bicycle robberies this year compared to the total 78 of 2009.
In the article, he explains the importance and benefits of having a good lock. The best locks are the high-quality U-locks, heavy duty chains, and skewers (used by inserting through the wheel hub. Some locks have such a high dependence that the producer will give you money is your bicycle is stolen while using one.

To improve the chances of getting your bike back, register it online with the UIC Police Department. Registration is free and good for five years. For $10, you can sign up for 10 years with the National Bike Registry. The most important information to register is the bike’s serial number. It also helps to note “something unique on your bike — a scratch on the frame, a sticker that says so-and-so on the handlebar,” Hasan said.

Recently a student reported to UIC Police he’d found his stolen bicycle chained in front of a drugstore. The responding officer told him he needed the serial number. “He called his mother,” Hasan said. “She had the receipt and it had the serial number on it. She faxed us the receipt.” He got his bike back.

-Gary Wisby, UIC News

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