Thursday, November 18, 2010

William McDonough's Sustainability Triangle

William McDonough explains sustainability as not only efficiency. The sole use of the word efficiency means to be good at something, having the competence to perform to expectations. So McDonough asks the question: "Is efficiency good?" His answer: "Not if you're efficiently a Nazi."
In regards to his example, we need to create an effectiveness of doing the right thing.

Relating economy to capitalism, the world would be destroyed from cutting down trees and killing all of the fish. Relating equity to socialism, we would be committing ecocide, turning the world into the former USSR. Last McDonough relates ecology to a green neighbor, putting up big blue square on their roof, learning mechanical engineering, and creating a high technical risk.

What we need is the influence and relation of each to create an effective way of life.
Economy: sell for profit
Economy/equity: make a living wage
Equity/economy: men and women make same wage for work
Equity: respect
Equity/ecology: exposure to safe products
Ecology/equity: global and local communities
Ecology: waste= food
Ecology/economy: efficient use of resources
Economy/equity: make more than we take

McDonough leaves a question I am unsure of. He brings up the subject of a living machine, using nature as a machine instead of chemicals and metals.

In return:
"When do humans become tools of nature?"

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