Monday, December 20, 2010

LED: Lecture Hall E1

Before the 2010-2011 Academic School Year, LED lighting was incorporated into Lecture Hall E1. An LED lighting system implementation helps gain energy efficiency because the lights burn very cool instead of producing 98% of their energy as heat like regular bulbs. The lights last anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 hours compared to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs lasting merely 1,000 to 10,000 hours. These bulbs are not only without the fragile filaments allowing them to withstand heat, cold, and shock, but they also give off more lumens (light power) per watt.

Keyser Visual provided the installation of four types
of LED lighting into the Lecture Hall.

  • Par 38 lights replaced 90w track lights
    • Saving 76 Watts per Product

  • 8in can conversion kits were used to replace the old 26w 8 in cans
    • Saving 45.6 Watts per Product

  • 1x4 Troffers replaced T12 Liner-Chaulkboard
    • Saving 18.8 Watts per Product

  • Cove lighting replaced Fluorescent Blubs
    • Saving 63.6 Watts per Product

Assuming an investment cost of around $19,600.00 the payback period of the lighting including installation is going to be approximately 28months. The estimated energy savings of 42,863kwh reduces costs by $3,000.43 and maintenance & disposal costs are reduced by $12,219.81 giving Lecture Hall E1 a total savings of over $15,000!
Over the lightings useful life, 325,761 kWh of savings will reduce Carbon Dioxide damage by 229.7g, Sulfur Dioxide by 115.4g, Nitrogen Oxides by 267.6g, and Mercury by 32.0g, all totaling $133,903!

Analyzing the total savings further, maintenance savings take 52%, products savings hold 26%, light energy savings hold 19%, and HVAC energy savings hold 3%. 

As an initial testing for further lighting implementations throughout UIC, Lecture Center E1's LED feature will provide a healthier environment for students and faculty. The absence of flicker caused by conventional lighting will help to reduce headaches and eye strain when students are in lecture and the absence of hum will reduce irritability, hyperactivity, fatigue and attention deficits. In addition, LED lights will not cause burns due to temperature and do not contain mercury or emit UV rays.

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Tony said...

You should organize a study documenting the savings in both energy and maintenance. They have been in there almost a year now so you should be able to get a good comparison.