Friday, December 3, 2010

UIC Shuttle Tracker!!

Mark Donovan, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, has announced the new UIC Shuttle Tracker available by Facilities Management, in collaboration with Jakob Eriksson, Assistant Professor of Computer Science.

The UIC Shuttle Tracker will not only give the real-time location of the UIC Bus Service, but also the CTA buses within the UIC campus area. As with the CTA Bus Tracker, the UIC Shuttle Tracker gives estimated arrivals of subsequent buses.

Go to to find the location of the buses!

The UICMassmail sent out stated:
This web service has been tested to work well with most web browsers other than Internet Explorer. We plan to continue improving the web interface to make it better suited to a variety of web-enabled smartphones, with their small screens. Using a web-based service avoids having to develop device-specific software. To learn more about the system, please visit

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