Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Green Resolutions

As a new year was approaches, most start to plan how they can renew their lives in a different way. When typically thinking about a new years resolution, I think of crowded gyms in January, cranky people who quit smoking, dedications to hobbies, eating healthy, and attempts to avoid laziness.

I don't usually think of myself as a lazy person, but it hit me that I am lazy when it come to living sustainably. So, my new years resolutions is to realize all of the little things I can do differently to reduce my footprint.

1. Recycle as much as possible. Although I recycle at my apartment, I find myself throwing recyclable materials into the waste stream because I do not want to sort them or clean them off.

2. Cut down on water usage. I admit I am getting better at this but I still catch myself in the bad habit of leaving the water running when brushing my teeth and doing dishes.

3. Avoid paper towels as much as possible. Many public facilities, I have noticed, have both an automatic hand dryer and paper towel. Paper towel always seems faster to me and I catch myself using it when there is an alternative.

4. Bring reusable bags. I have the worst time remembering to use my reusable bags for groceries but I also want to start reusing my bags for the bulk items I buy.

5. Buy less new clothing. As a consumer, I am tempted to buy new clothes all the time. However, buying clothing at thrift stores and tailoring them is one of my favorite hobbies so I want to start embracing that more.

6. Reduce aluminum foil/plastic wrap usage.

7. Avoid using disposable cups. On my way to my hometown, I always stop at the Pilot for gas and a fountain soda- in a Styrofoam cup. No more of that! I need to keep a reusable cup in my car.

8. Get my family to recycle at home. To do that, I will have to make her a recycling bin.

The hardest part of a resolution is making it last. Green resolutions should become a habit and I think that once I begin making a conscious effort to these changes I will realize the little effort they actually take. My plan is through notes to myself in my bathroom, by my door and trash can, and in my car.

Some other green resolutions I found were reduce energy usage, use better transportation methods, buy local and eco-friendly products, give back to nature, and educate people.

What are other green resolutions we could make for 2011?

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