Thursday, January 6, 2011

ACCC print labs eliminate cover pages

ACCC labs have eliminated cover pages in most of their computing labs to conserve paper at UIC. Where they haven't, due to heavy printing traffic, recycling is available or students may grab the paper and use the other side for note-taking. For example, Lubia and Holly from the Office of Sustainability make notepads out of their cover pages.

In addition, all paper used in the UIC printers are not only set default to 2-sided printing but also use 100% recycled paper content.

We encourage UIC students and faculty to print at the no-cover print stations instead of the smaller proportion of UIC printers that still print the cover page. The no-cover printers are:
ACCC-Printer-GRC105A & B
ACCC-Printer-SEL2058,2249F, 2263,2265A & B
ACCC-Printer-SSB2300A & B
ACCC-AA2306-HP130C, E, G & H, HPZ3100A
ACCC-AA3510-CopierA, B & C, HP5500A-J
ACCC-Printer-EPASWL270A & B
ACCC-Printer-GH105 & 306
ACCC-Printer-SEO1200 & 430
ACCC-Printer-SES201 & 205B

The cover-printing stations are:
ACCC-Printer-BSBB001A, B, & C
ACCC-Printer-LIB1444, B
ACCC-Printer-SCE401A, B, C, D, E, & F
ACCC-Printer-SRC2027A & B

If you are in a situation where you are using from the cover-printing labs, remember to recycle or reuse them!

Would it become a problem eliminating covers in high-traffic the labs?
Do jobs pile up too often in the printers, etc?

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