Friday, January 7, 2011

Become a Zipster at a discount!

UIC has signed on with Zipcar to provide an occasional driving plan to students at a discounted rate!

Students who join Zipcar with begin saving immediately because they are free of any initial membership fee. By avoiding the $60 fee, students will only pay an annual fee of $25. When signing up with your UIC E-mail, there are no monthly commitments or deposits that have to be made. Just the annual fee of $25 plus individual driving costs!

Depending on the car model, students will be charged from $7 /hour and $68 /day (any 24-hour period) on Mondays through Thursdays and $7 /hour and $73 /day on Fridays through Sundays.

Included in these costs are gas, insurance and180 FREE miles!

Zipcar helps the campus by reducing congestion in University parking lots, reduces our carbon footprints as a sustainable alternative transportation solution, eliminates the costs of gas and insurance, includes programs for faculty and staff, and possess a simple application process. Students receive self-service access to cars 24/7, low rates hourly or daily, the ability to reserve zipcars in seconds online, cars located right on campus, and a way to help the environment!

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