Monday, February 28, 2011

Field Museum & Sustainable Food

The Field Museum is one of the first cultural institutions to implement a sustainable food contract program with all of its in-house restaurants.

Beyond Green: Sustainable Foodservice for Cultural Institutions is the program the Field Museum is using under guidance from the Chicago-based sustainability consulting firm, Greg Christian Consulting (GCC). The ten-year program will monitor the strategy once it is implemented. The program entails adding sustainability strategies into food service contracts to drive quantifiable sustainability practices for the future, tailoring the needs of the individual institution and demonstrating an aggregation of prominent environmental food service standards.

The Greg Christian Consulting Website states:

As one of Chicago’s most well-recognized and respected institutions, The Field Museum is a demonstrated leader in environmental and cultural issues. To evolve with its existing ecological and renewable energy initiatives, the museum sought out a firm to help add a sustainability filter to its current food service operators that service nearly 1.5 million museum visitors annually.

Project Overview: GCC engaged the Director of Special Events, Food Operations and Tourism, and the chair of the Greener Field Committee at The Field Museum in a 2-day workshop. From these sessions, GCC developed a robust sustainability strategy for the museum’s existing food service operators, as well as those that may come in the future. The strategy included a focus on waste reduction and efficiencies, improving the quality of food and non-food products, energy & water management, and an overarching educational component to establish greater consciousness.

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