Wednesday, February 23, 2011

UIC & Social Sustainability

According to the Western Australia Council of Social Services:
"Social sustainability occurs when the formal and informal processes; systems; structures; and relationships actively support the capacity of current and future generations to create healthy and liveable communities. Socially sustainable communities are equitable, diverse, connected and democratic and provide a good quality of life."
What encompasses Social Sustainability?

  •  the community provides equitable opportunities and outcomes for all its members, particularly the poorest and most vulnerable members of the community

  • The Office of Access and Equity stands behind statements on UIC's views on discrimination, sexual harassment, criteria for employment and grievances.
  • To put these statements into action, this office provides services in general diversity and equal opportunity; academic searches and employment practices; training and awareness; complaints, investigations and consultation; and dispute revolution services.

  •  the community promotes and encourages diversity
  • UIC has a long standing tradition that embraces diversity. 
  • UIC has a higher percentage of Latino and African American students than any Big 10 university. 
  • One quarter of UIC undergraduate students identify themselves as Asian American. 
  • UIC ranks among top U.S. medical schools in African American and Latino physicians. 
  • Since 1989, UIC's African American, Latino, and Native American tenured and tenure-track faculty has doubled. 
  • 14% of faculty are Asian American/Pacific Islander.

Interconnected/Social cohesions
  • the community provides processes, systems and structures that promote connectedness within and outside the community at the formal, informal and institutional level
  • UIC offers a variety of events, programs, support groups and cultural centers celebrating and furthering diversity and ensuring access for everyone. 
  • Students have access to special academic counseling, supplemental instruction, summer internships and much more.
  • Each culture is represented by student services and organizations. 

Quality of life
  • the community ensures that basic needs are met and fosters a good quality of life for all members at the individual, group and community level (eg. health, housing, education, employment, safety)
  • UIC's Climate Action is in pursuit to reduce the impact that UIC has on it's environment.
  • The population of UIC's campus supports local businesses and non-profit organizations.
  • UIC's Medical District is innovative and successful services the publics health.
  • UIC's Police department maintain safety in the UIC area.

Democracy and governance
  • the community provides democratic processes and open and accountable governance structures.
    • UIC has a structured board of directors that abide by the regulations of the State of Illinois and the University of Illinois policies.

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