Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Volunteer with Working Bikes


Working Bikes Cooperative, located on Western Avenue, is a non-profit volunteer based organization that diverts bicycles from the waste stream in the greater Chicagoland area & surrounding states. They repair some bikes for local donation and sale to assist funding the overseas shipment & donation the remaining bicycles.

Receiving no government funding, Working Bikes acquires profit through the bicycles they sell at store front. With the money raised, they send bikes to charity organizations in countries on the Gulf Coast and Ghana, Tanzania, Angola, Cuba, Guatemala, and Peru. Providing individuals in these regions with bicycles can mean the difference of work and unemployment.

How can you help?

As a volunteer-based organization, Working Bikes can use volunteers with a vast array of skills.

The bicycles received must be put in working order; the demand for their bikes far exceeds their ability to repair them. Working Bikes is in urgent need of people to increase the rate at which we can repair bicycles.

They can utilize mechanics of all skill levels. If you only know how to repair tires we can use you. Simply go to or call the store during business hours and let a volunteer or staff member know that you wish to volunteer.

Storefront operations:

Working Bikes needs people at the store for daily preparations including: bringing bikes to and from the warehouse, assisting customers in finding a bike and fitting and performing final adjustments on bikes for customers.

If interested you can follow the same procedure as for mechanics: go to the store during business hours and talk with the volunteers and staff working there.

Shipping Parties and other events:

Shipping more than 5,000 bicycles to places in need (for more information, see About Working Bikes), Working Bikes needs volunteers to ready bicycles for shipping and load into the containers. To do this work, they hold shipping parties which are announced on our mailing list and on the Working Bikes website. If you wish to participate simply show up at the announced time and lend a hand. No technical skills are required.

Other events are also announced on the mailing list and website that volunteers are encouraged to attend. Please check the specifics in the announcements to see what is required.

Besides the good feeling of volunteering to help Internationally and locally, volunteers are served free lunch!

2434 S. Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60608
            312-421-5048      (donations, volunteering)
            312-371-4286       from 9 to 5 Mon - Sat.

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