Wednesday, March 2, 2011

UIC Summer Institute on Sustainability & Energy

UIC Summer Institute on Sustainability and Energy

The Summer Institute on Sustainability and Energy is a one week series of lectures, discussions, panels, and tours that occurs on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The world is undergoing a historic transition from fossil fuels to more sustainable energy alternatives and to proactive stewardship of our natural environment. Dealing with these challenges requires decision makers in public and private institutions who are well informed on energy and sustainability issues, spanning science, technology, economics, behavior, policy, planning and entrepreneurship.
The Summer Institute will educate future decision makers on energy and sustainability through interdisciplinary lectures dealing with “big picture” issues presented at an accessible level. Graduates of the Institute will achieve an overview of the technical challenges and potential solutions, the economic and social barriers to implementation, the policy and planning needed to implement sustainable energy and the entrepreneurship that will deliver innovative energy technologies.
Guiding Principles

  • Quantitative but non-specialized treatment.

  • Broad coverage of challenges and potential solutions spanning diverse disciplines.

  • Treatment of special issues in urban energy and environment.

  • Diverse participant backgrounds to broaden the horizons of the Institute.

  • Graduate, advanced undergraduate or postdoctoral standing required.

  • Content
    For the span of eight days, students will be intensely immersed in the Summer Institute. Students will experience a range of activities, including lectures, panel discussions, tours of energy and environmental sites, and group projects addressing energy and sustainabilty challenges. Topics to be addressed during the week have been broken into themes, including:

  • Energy and Sustainability Challenges

  • Carbon and Energy Supply

  • Energy Delivery

  • Economics and Policy

  • Entrepreneurship

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    Eligibility and Requirements
    • current students at any university or college 
    • geared primarily to graduate students
    • senior-level undergraduates and post-doctoral fellows will also be eligible
    • academic or practical experience in the subjects of sustainability and energy 
    • interest in pursuing them professionally
    • fields of science, technology, economics, urban planning, policy, public health, entrepreneurship, and social science
    • other fields will be considered on an individual basis

    • complete the online application
    • attach their CV and submit both at the same time 
      • Students who do not attach their CV will not be considered.
    • to receive University Credit the Summer Institute, complete an additional application process
    • see the section entitled “University Credit" for more information about this process

    • $215 non-refundable tuition deposit
    • deposit ensures that your seat is reserved at all events hosted by the Summer Institute
    • students who do not wish to receive credit this is the only official fee required by the Institute
    • Students receiving credit for the Summer Institute will be subject to additional university tuition and other fees.

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