Monday, April 4, 2011

ASHRAE: 2011 Design Competition

ASHRAE sponsors this design project competition to encourage students to become involved in the dynamic profession of Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning, to apply their knowledge to practical design use, and to promote team work.

In addition ASHRAE sponsors the third - interdisciplinary category inviting worldwide graduate and undergraduate students in diverse engineering and related disciplines (architectural, construction, building services, mechanical, electrical, environmental, technology, etc.) to become involved in one of the most challenging innovative engineering approaches today in searching sustainability - Integrated Sustainable Building Design – ISBD. ASHRAE will recognize the outstanding student design projects at the ASHRAE Winter Meeting to be held in Chicago, Illinois, January 21st – 25th, 2012.

The student design competition’s guidelines provide enough background information to enable the teams to design or select the HVAC system for the given building, or to design a sustainable building implementing  an integrated building design process (the architectural and building design for sustainability, and its supporting mechanical and electrical systems) for the given program.  ISBD category’s aim is to encourage students to extend their knowledge beyond the core mechanical systems.  For the ISBD category, the final design level presented may be in a preliminary stage, as the competition’s basic intention is to challenge students' imaginative thinking and creative engineering approach to the building and all of its Systems.
Teams may compete in one of the three categories:
  • HVAC System Design
  • HVAC System Selection
  • Integrated Sustainable Building Design (ISBD)
ASHRAE recommends that the project groups consist of at least two members from an undergraduate engineering or architecture curriculum for the HVAC System Design and HVAC System Selection categories, and at least three members (architecture or construction, mechanical & electrical) for the ISBD category. Team members can be from multiple colleges. All team members must be enrolled in an undergraduate program during the semester/term in which they contribute to the design in the HVAC System Design and HVAC System Selection categories, or graduate and mixed graduate and undergraduate for the ISBD category. Graduate students may only participate in the Integrated Sustainable Building Design category.

ALL SUBMISSIONS ARE TO BE SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY via the ASHRAE FTP site. Only those teams that register will get the FTP site information and instructions for uploading
The submission for the HVAC System Design Category must be in PDF format only!  No separate visual aids will be accepted (PowerPoint, YouTube, etc).  Deliverable presentation should consist of a 25 page maximum technical report in PDF format only. 
The submission for HVAC System Selection Category is limited to 15 minute visual aid (PowerPoint, Youtube, etc.) ALONG with a 30 page maximum technical report in PDF format.
The submission for the Integrated Sustainable Building Design Category is limited to 15 minutes (PowerPoint, Youtube, etc.) ALONG with a 35 page maximum technical report in PDF format.
The presentation should include, at a minimum, the following:
  • Statement of category criteria and major goals
  • Descriptions of how the design satisfied these criteria and goals
  • A review of all major assumptions
  • Descriptions of how and why the final HVAC system or integrated sustainable building design was selected
  • Supporting calculations, and
  • Relevant drawings and/or schematic diagrams.  Teams entering the Systems Design Competition should submit their design drawings or other directly relevant attachments in PDF form along with the PowerPoint presentation.  Attachments must be limited to design drawings, equipment schedules, calculation worksheets, and tables of calculated parameters, as created by the Team.  Extraneous or reference information such as vendor cut sheets, external codes, standards, and specifications, or other external information are not permissible attachments, as they do not represent the Team’s work.
In order to conserve our resources we require that all entries be submitted electronically. Information on how to submit entries will be provided to only those teams that register for the competition. The deadline for receipt of entries is May 6, 2011.

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