Monday, April 11, 2011

Earth Month: Bike Registration

Throughout Earth Month at UIC, the UIC police are hosting a series of bike workshops. Half of the workshops are mainly for bike registration and resources with the UIC Police and half host an outside local Chicago bike shop to provide students with maintenance and cycling tips.

Today's registration workshop was hosted at the Student Recreational Facility on East Campus. Officers Hasan and Canizales welcomed students to register their bicycles by having them fill out a form with the bicycles serial number and then applied a registration sticker on the bike. For five years the bike will be on file with the UIC Police to assist tracking and bettering the opportunity of returning a stolen bike to it's owner.

Just as importantly, the Officers informed students on the importance of investing in a quality U-lock. They provided abandon, broken locks that were the remains of where someone's bike once was before it was stolen. Cheap locks, as in cables and $15 U-locks are simple for someone "shopping", or stealing, to cut through or even bust open.

Along with a lock, bike placement has been proven to reduce the number of bikes stolen on campus. The officers suggest avoiding to lock a bike under the tunnel of SEL, at SES, CUPPA Hall, under the Daley Library overhang and on the outer sides of the Lecture Centers. These areas are not well lit, hidden and have bad or no camera security. High populated, well lit areas are the best places to lock a bicycle, along with varying the location often. A "shopper" knows his work, and can track the routine of his potential steals.

The remaining Bike Workshops are:
April 13th, 11am-1pm: SRH featuring Rapid Transit
April 18th, 11am-1pm: College of Pharmacy featuring Kozy's
April 20th 11am-3pm: College of Pharmacy
April 26th 11am-3pm: BSB
April 28th 11am-1pm: SCE featuring Rapid Transit

For more information and the complete list of Earth Months events, visit the Office of Sustainability events page!

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