Monday, April 18, 2011

Wellness Jam

The Wellness Jam hosted by the Wellness Center focuses on educating students, faculty and staff about ways to address the eight dimensions of wellness. On and off campus agencies, student groups and departments provide participants with a variety of wellness information.

Set up on both levels of SCE, organizations created a fun environment for students to participate in actively learning more about their health and resources available. The Office of Sustainability was under the environmental dimension of wellness. We set up a booth that offered information on cycling, recycling and other tips to live more sustainably.

Along with information students could take away, Joe, Lauren and I engaged in conversation with participants offering them advice on their specific questions. We also brought a box of our reusable water bottle to give away for participation in our recycling game. UIC has certain restrictions when it comes to recycling that the City of Chicago doesn't have.

Above, Lauren is playing the recycling game with students. It is our way of ensuring students we recycle correctly and to teach them how to recycle here at UIC. One of the biggest challenges is plastics. At UIC, we can only recycle plastics in a bottle shape. Our vendors will not take other plastics, like strawberry containers or containers that are not bottle shaped. Luckily, the City of Chicago recycles those plastics, so you can dispose of them into your recycling at your home or apartment. 

We were very pleased after the Wellness Jam because we introduced many students to our office and gave a lot beneficial advice to those who stopped by!

Earth Month 2011

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