Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paper Recycling Record!

During the Spring 2011 Semester, The UIC Recycling program began collecting all cardboard and paper recycling material from buildings on campus, which had been previously shared with Recycling Services (who continue to accept and recycle these materials at their off-campus site).  Truck drivers Joe Fabrizio and Ray Shumpert have been doing paper collections while Fred Bartucci and Tim Macias have been collecting the cardboard.  Our data show that thanks to their work, as well as all the efforts of the UIC community and our building service workers, this improvement is paying off. 
Fiscal Year 2011 Year to Date graph of paper recycling at UIC
In May, we broke a record for all-time monthly paper recycling on campus with over 190,000 pounds of paper material collected!  This means in May alone, the paper recycled at UIC would be equivalent to:

  • Saving 1,622 trees
  • Conserving 667,716 gallons of water
  • Keeeping 315 cubic yards of material out of a landfill
  • Using 381,552 kWh of electricity
  • Consuming 7,536 gallons of oil
  • Reducing 5,723 pounds of air pollution
Want more recycling information? Visit the UIC Recycling Program's website.

Read more Shades of Green stories like the one about Joe and Ray at the UIC News Website.

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