Friday, September 2, 2011

Sustainability Week 2011 GSX

What is the GSX?
Donate unwanted office and school supplies that could still be useful to someone else...or take away needed items for free.

Why participate in the GSX?
We can all promote reuse and source reduction as alternatives to recycling and smart, viable actions for any person or department to take. Reuse also saves your department and the university valuable resources.
Who should participate?
Everyone at UIC - Students, Faculty, and Staff. Use the GSX as an opportunity to clean out old or unused office supplies!

How do I participate?

Bring any of the following to the GSX:
· Appointment books & calendars
· Binders & notebooks
· Bookends & vertical files
· Desktop pads, trays, and organizers
· Drawer organizers
· Envelopes, interoffice or regular
· Greeting cards (unused)
· Hanging files & file folders
· Mousepads
· Name tags & holders
· Paper, notepads, & index cards (unused, any color or size)
· Pens, pencils & lead or ink refills
· Report covers & sheet protectors
· Rolodex boxes & cards
· Scissors, staplers & hole punchers
· Storage boxes/cases/files/racks
· Toner cartridges (unused)

[With help from the Micro/Station, used batteries can be dropped off for recycling.]

Unacceptable Items:
· Clothing & Shoes
· Computers*
· Furniture & Large equipment
· Hazardous Wastes
· Household items

Guidelines & Limitations:
· All donated items must be clean and in working condition.
· The value of any donated item may not exceed $100.
· Inkjet, laser, fax and copier toner cartridges are acceptable - OEM only, not refurbished.
· Furniture, computers, and larger or more expensive office equipment can be advertised at the Surplus Station.

What if I can't make it but I want to donate material?
If you can't attend the GSX, or have too much to carry that day, you can bring materials listed above to the Office of Sustainability at 117 PSB until Friday, September 10. Please contact us first to make sure someone will be in the office to receive your stuff! If it's too much to carry, you can contact us to make special arrangements before September 10.

*Computer reuse/dropoff will take place at the Campus Electronic Recycling Collection on the 14th also at the Lawn South of the Hull House; and on the 21st on the West Campus, the lawn south of the SCE.

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