Tuesday, October 18, 2011

EPA Representative comes to UIC this Thursday

UIC Roots of Justice is excited to have a speaker from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States talk to UIC students this week. 
Check out the following information for more details:

Who: Scott Fraser, the Acting Deputy Director in the Office of Public Engagement at the US EPA

What: Fraser will be speaking to the UIC community about obtaining government jobs and internships. He will also be speaking about the EPA’s OnCampus EcoAmbassador Program - a program that provides incentives for implementing sustainable initiatives on our campus.

When: Thursday, October 20th from 5-6:30 P.M.

Where: The Monarch Room in Student Center East

Why: Since Roots of Justice is a strong supporter of environmental justice, holding this event will help them succeed in their mission of educating the UIC community about what they can do to help preserve the environment, as well as show what opportunities are available for students seeking sustainability-related careers.

Please RSVP to this event by e-mailing Aneesh Nandam at nandam1@uic.edu

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