Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2012 UIC Student Research Forum has a sustainability award!

This year, the UIC Student Research Forum will feature a sustainability award!

Please encourage students to apply for this award. Details are on the Research Forum website.  The forum takes place during Earth Month:

UIC Student Research Forum
Tuesday, April 17, 2012
1:00pm - 5:00pm
UIC Forum
725 West Roosevelt Road
The Student Research Forum represents one of the finest student-run activities at UIC. It is one of the few student activities that is academic in nature and includes the entire student body; undergraduate, graduate and professional. The Forum provides a venue for students at UIC to present their scholarly efforts and is an event in which the campus celebrates the wealth of research across all disciplines carried out by the dedicated students of this campus.
Students from all disciplines (Arts, Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Humanities, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, among others) are invited to present their work one-on-one to Forum attendees and judges during a high-energy 3-hour session, followed by an awards ceremony. Monetary awards will be given in varies categories. Research presentations are accompanied by a poster or other visual display that captures the spirit of the research work and/or highlights key features of the project.
In addition to "regular" awards for project presentations in the above categories, one award each will be given at the undergraduate and graduate levels to student research projects that best reflect the principles of sustainability. Sustainability has been defined as "meeting the needs of the present without impacting the ability of future generations to meet their needs," but can also include issues of systems thinking, full-cost accounting, green business or green design, for example. Sustainability frequently deals with energy resources and efficiency, active transportation and bike issues, and waste management (including recycling and composting), and land use.
For the sustainability award, projects will be evaluated on their merit to address questions or problems that deal with the overlapping issues of environmental protection, social justice, and economic equity.
Submission Deadline: 9:00AM, Monday, March 26, 2012

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Cindy said...

UPDATE: Congratulations to our winners. The undergraduate award went to April Yvonne Muller for her poster: From Circle Campus to Cycle Campus: Recommendations for a More Bicycle Friendly UIC

2nd Place: Justin Pence - Poster title: Sustainable Agriculture: Locating Food Hubs in Illinois Using GIS

The Graduate award went to Andrea Hicks - Poster title: Solid State Lighting: Adoption of Energy Efficient Lighting Technology

2nd place: Behzad Aghababazadeh
- Poster title: UIC Net Zero Bus Shelter