Wednesday, February 1, 2012

UIC Green Fee Proposal Passes

Last semester, Caitlyn talked about the proposal of the UIC Green Fee. To recap, the Green Fee (started by the Undergraduate Student Government and various EPA interns around campus, with the guidance of the Office of Sustainability) calls for a $4 yearly charge on student's accounts that will go towards sustainable efforts around campus.

Since the proposal introduction, we are proud to announce that the Green Fee has passed through the Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) and the University of Illinois Board of Trustees.

Ponnu Padiyara, a leader in the Green Fee initiative, says,
Its passage can be taken as a sign of increasing interest in sustainability measures on this campus.
The final vote by the Board of Trustees occurred in late January. Now Padiyara, along with other UIC students, the Undergraduate Student Government, and the Office of Sustainability, will work on forming a committee to decide where the money from this fee will be implemented towards.

Congratulations to everyone involved with the Green Fee success! If you have ideas of where the fund could go towards, please discuss in the comment section.

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