Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Spring 2013 Course: Planning for Campus Sustainability

UPP 575:  A Workshop Course:  Planning for Campus Sustainability

The Spring 2013 class will focus on practical learning as students assist the 40 plus member Campus Sustainability Strategic Thinking Advisory Committee identify and describe assets, problems, programs and strategies to inform deliberation for future sustainability plans. Students will collaborate with consultants and staff from the UIC Office of Sustainability, forming into teams focused on specific issue areas tied to Advisory Committee Working Groups.

The four advisory groups currently include the emerging sustainability topics:

  • Health and Wellness (e.g., food, exercise, mental and physical well-being…)
  • Education & Outreach (e.g., learning, incentives, awareness, activism…)
  • Systems Use (e.g., transportation, energy, water, resources)
  • Physical Structure (e.g. infrastructure, buildings, labor issues, green spaces…)
The teams will assist their Working Group clientele: 

  • Scope out the issue area, 
  • Identify current assets in UIC and Chicago, 
  • Research relevant practices at comparable institutions & places, 
  • Develop & compare alternative planning approaches, 
  • Prepare participation activities that will solicit feedback from select campus clientele (e.g., students, faculty, staff, visitors, neighbors) and 
  • Prepare Working Group approved ‘thinking reports’ on sustainability that describe and assess different ways each might plan for the identified problems, programs and strategies. 
The product will not be a single sustainability plan, but reports for each of the four Working Group sustainability issues that set the agenda and framework for making action plans next academic year.  Students will help organize the campus wide event and prepare presentations of their Working Group report.

Class meets Thursday 3:30-6:15PM, 2232ADH
Interested students should contact Professor Charles Hoch at chashoch@uic.edu

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