Monday, February 4, 2013

RecycleMania is back for 2013!

RecycleMania is the competition that pits hundreds of colleges and universities against each other in a challenge to increase recycling on campus.  Tracking material for the official competition begins Sunday, February 3 and lasts through Friday, April 5th.

In the past two years, UIC has established itself as a serious contender!  In 2011, we placed ninth Joe Fabrizio, the driver on the UIC paper recycling truck, said, “Personally I won’t be satisfied until we break the top five!”

It won’t be easy. We’re up against elite state schools like Rutgers University, University of California-Irvine, Michigan State University and University of California-Los Angeles, as well as private schools like Boston College, Duke and Harvard.

However, what UIC lacks in endowments, we make up for in hard work.

Counting on Students 

It’s up to the student body (with the help of faculty and staff on campus) to meet this challenge.  Not only can we move up the ranks in weight rank, we can also improve our national standing in per capita competitions. To this end, we’re calling for a duel between the different residence halls – East Campus, West Campus and South Campus.  Together with Campus Housing, a competition will be held to honor the hall that has the greatest improvement in per capita recycling.

We’ll post the scores weekly on the Office of Sustainability website. Stay tuned!

How are you going to help UIC win Recycemania? Let us know in the comments!

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