Thursday, January 2, 2014

Energy for Future Decision Majors (Physics 116)

Looking for a general education credit? 
Need to fulfill a requirement for the Global Learning Community certificate?
Going into a field where energy issues are central to your work (policy, urban planning, engineering, the sciences, etc.)? 
Just curious about energy?

Join Dr. George Crabtree, Dr. David Hofman, and Dr. Kathryn Nagy this spring for

Energy in its various forms drives our universe and the many cycles that enable life on earth.  The discovery and practical use of energy has also played a major role in human history and development.  Dramatic changes in human energy use, in particular those involving the use of fossil fuels, over the last few hundred years is unprecedented in human history and drives our modern world and way of life.   This course will examine important aspects of energy in the human context. We are also currently at the cusp of another major change.  Sources, delivery, and uses of energy must undergo a global transition from the fossil fuels that power our modern world to more climate-friendly and sustainable alternatives. Topics involved in this change include, among others, solar, wind, biofuels, geothermal, carbon sequestration, nuclear, electric transportation, zero energy buildings, and storage of electricity.  This course will also examine the challenges and opportunities of non-fossil-fuel and more sustainable energy alternatives, with emphasis on evaluating their capacity, efficiency, environmental impact, and the barriers to their implementation.

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